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Kincaid's Fish, Chop & Steak House - MacArthur Center, Norfolk

Two Saturdays ago after a movie at the Naro, my husband and I stopped in Kincaid's at 4:45PM for cocktails before deciding what we wanted to do for dinner. It was already kind of busy, (something to do with basketball), and the 4 available tables in the bar area were dirty. No biggie, we just took a seat and were quickly waited on, including having the table cleaned. We had great drinks, and enjoyed the Oysters Rockafeller’s so much we ordered 2 rounds.

When the server asked if we were going to have anything else, and we said no, she asked us to make sure no one else sat at the table, because she had already promised it to someone. By now the place was packed. I suggested she get a reserved sign then, as I am not really into barroom altercations, which she did. When she brought us the check, she said "I am sending the people over now." And she did, while we were still seated at the table. We had not even had a chance to TIP her or sign the receipt. Six people came and sat on the empty seats right next to us and stood over our table. We spent $65 on drinks and appetizers, $80 with a tip, only to get our butts kicked to the curb by our waitress.

I so badly want to like Kincaid’s. I constantly torture myself, returning there time and time again, only to be disappointed.


First Updated to Review
I have to add an update to this previous review. I had lunch today with 4 co-workers at Kincaid's. It ended up being a series of small errors that added up to a less than satisfactory experience. The food was great. That was not the issue. The service was a mess. It took 50 minutes to get our food. During that time the table next to us got in a tizzy because a credit card was "lost" in-between being given to the server and making it back to the table. Yikes! During the conversation they were having with the server another man who worked there presented the credit card which had been returned by a patron who found it on the floor. Thank goodness for honesty.

The entrees made it to the table with one missing completley and another one missing the sweet potato fries. We were assured that the fries would be right up and the other entree was on the way. The other entree came rather quickly but the fries did not. With a reminder, the fries made their way to the table when we were all wrapping up our meals. The manager offered a free dessert to that diner for her inconvenience. When she ordered, her dessert of choice was not available. She chose another and requested it as "to-go".

A couple of the guys got the wrong checks when they came to the table, and the server had to return with the correct ones. Next, one was missing an item in error. Ah, another honest patron! Back again to correct the check. Finally, gift cards were presented for most of the orders and we were told it would take about 10 minutes to process them because of the computer. Good grief, are they using dial-up?

Upon returning to work, another co-work who we had seen there told us that when his food came out, it was given to th wrong table. After the people checked it out (touched it)and informed the server of the error, she tried to simply pass it over to his table. This would be acceptable if it had not been handled by someone else, but.... He ended up getting a fresh order "to-go" because he had to get back to work.

I honestly don't think that most if the issues were the servers fault. Yes, she was seriously in the weeds, but that seemed more a function of staffing than ability. I could tell she was stressed out about it and trying her best to maintain. I can honestly say that I have never had a meal at Kincaid's that has been a home run. NEVER.

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Original Review - November 04, 2008
Kincaid's Fumbled, But Recovered the Ball...Sort of...

Without randomly drawing as we usually like to do, Laine and I chose Kincaid's for last week's adventure. Kincaid's is a chain, something that usually scares me, but she and I decided to go for it. We would need to review it eventually and this day was as good a day as any. Plus, it was cold and windy outside. We were not in the mood to stand around deciding. Kincaid's has a more sophisticated feel than, say, California Pizza Kitchen. Located in the MacArthur Mall, Kincaid's is a happening after hours spot for Downtowners. They have a large lunch menu as well as a varied dinner menu. At first, we were both set on salads, but then decided to go for something else. We know our readers eat more than salad. I chose the wild mushroom omelet with smoked Gouda, truffle oil and chives. I was pretty excited as it is hard to find omelets during lunch unless on a brunch menu and that is usually restricted to weekends. Instead of potatoes (not a huge fan), they gave me sautéed broccoli and carrots and mixed greens. I was very pleased. I have had dinner before at Kincaid's and thought it was fine, but nothing exciting. Today's lunch has put Kincaid's on our steady lunch menu and I would go for dinner again - overall, it was a better experience than previously. Service was perfect. Mary, our waitress, was attentive and fast. She even asked if we were under a time restriction and since we were, our food came out fairly quickly. No martini or wine lunch for Laine and I today, unfortunately, but we appreciated Mary asking. We have definitely visited a few restaurants that do not seem to realize that people are trying to eat lunch in an hour, give or take. Kincaid's also has a lunch deal for $10that includes soup, a salad and an entree such as salmon or steak. We might try that the next time.

I have been to Kincaid’s numerous times over the years for drinks (they make a mean Manhattan) and/or dinner, but this was a first for lunch. I have had great meals there and some pretty bad ones, so I was curious to see how lunch would pan out. I agree with Alex that the ambiance offered beats most of downtown's loud and rushed lunch vibe. The atmosphere is quieter and calmer, but service was snappy and professional. Alex and I decided to step out of our salad box and consume some calories for lunch. Lately I have had a serious bacon craving. What in the world? I love bacon. I love to smell it cooking. I love it crispy and not crispy and more is better. With this said, they had an interesting sandwich with bacon, turkey and avocado. Sign me up! I even ordered sweet potato fries....out of control! The sandwich arrived, and it was cold. I was expecting toasted, or maybe even grilled, since this was basically a BLT, or club sandwich with avocado added. I was a little disappointed, but soldiered on. I took one bite and it was pretty good. I took a second bite and the bread started to break. I took a third bite and decided to eat it with a fork because the bread was falling apart. Ugh, bad bread? Was this my reward for stepping out of the box?! Mary came to the rescue, swiped my plate and returned in about 5 minutes with a completely new, fresh order. Of course, this was round better and the bread was fine, but to be honest, I had been let down. I took most of it back to work in a carry out container. Geez that reminds me… it is still sitting in the fridge....

300 Monticello Avenue, Suite 147
(in MacArthur Center)
Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone:(757) 622-8000

Lunch Hours:
Mon-Fri 11:30am-4pm
Sat 11:30am-3pm
Sun 11am-4pm

Sunday Brunch Hours:
Sun 11am-3pm

Dinner Hours:
Mon-Sat 5-10pm
Sun 4-8pm

Bar Hours:
Mon-Fri 11:30am-11pm
Sat 11:30am- 12am
Sun 11:30am-9pm

Happy Hour:
Monday-Friday 4:30-6:30pm

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