Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pasha Mezze - The Palace Shops, Ghent, Norfolk

Pasha. Their site reads ‘Mediterranean & Anatolian Cuisine w / American & European Influences’ and is as enticing as it sounds. Laine was not able to make it to lunch today, but we will definitely visit again so she can review.

Sasha and Leigh, my oldest and very dear friends, have been raving about Pasha. They were going in there every other day! I decided I had to get on the horn and get over there immediately. My opportunity came when Sasha and I lunched there last Saturday. Pasha has a wonderful outdoor patio and with the nice temperature, we opted for the great outdoors. I had eaten something earlier and therefore, went straight for dessert. My choices of homemade bon bons (chocolate walnut ) and bread pudding could not have been better! I truly believe this is the best bread pudding I have had to date.

Today’s luncheon included my lovely mother, Nikkie, Sasha and Leigh. Sasha, Leigh and I began Montessori together at the young age of three. We love to eat out, laugh and catch up together. A warning, if there is a ruckus anywhere, it is usually the three of us. Nikkie is taking some vacation days and decided to join as well. She is always up for a new restaurant outing.
And now, I’ll get to the important part, the food. The lunch menu has appetizers, such as the spinach and cheese pastry and Karavana, soups including red lentil, wraps such as the spinach spicy chicken, chicken hummus and the Mediterranean, and main courses like char grilled wild salmon and Mediterranean beef kebabs. There is also a larger dinner menu, a Sunday brunch menu and a late night menu.I ordered the tuna salad wrap, Nikkie had the spinach spicy chicken wrap and Sasha and Leigh both had the hummus chicken wrap (it is not listed on the menu, but is available to order). Everyone had the red lentil soup as their side except Nikkie, she went with the hummus. This is by far the best hummus in town and the best I have had. I am not a hummus campaigner either, so trust me, if I ate it and liked it, it is good, lots of taste and very smooth. The red lentil soup is one of the signature items on the menu and that was fantastic as well. Everything is very fresh and full of flavor. Since our last few outings have had drink issues, I must comment on the water at Pasha. It is not tap and it is not some regular bottled water. It is very clean and fresh tasting. I believe the menu tells you the way they prepare it and what they do rocks. Service was superb, even after the large lunch crowd rolled in. Everyone working there is friendly and very helpful. We did see our waiter, Quentin, helping a few ladies who were uncertain of what to order. He explained the menu item by item. I know the ladies appreciated his help. I know Quentin from the neighborhood and he is doing a great job!

The décor of Pasha is very chic and modern with an airy feel. There is a lounge-type of room in the back with couches, larger chairs and tables. I think they use this for small parties and meetings at times, but it is available for walk in patrons as well if not in use. There is also a bar and I have heard that is busy in the evening. Sasha, Leigh and I are definitely interested in checking out the late night menu and Sunday brunch. When I asked how late they serve, the answer was ‘until the last customer has finished’. Music to my ears.

Beat feet to Pasha. You will be well received.

Located in the Palace Station Shopping Center in Ghent at 350 West 22nd Street, Norfolk VA 23517, Pasha serves lunch, dinner and a late night menu daily along with Sunday brunch.
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Anonymous said...

The hummus and chicken wrap is "da bomb", as Alex stated earlier its not on the menu, but it really isn't gone either. Its extremely addicting. Also I cannot go in there and not eat the red lentil soup. The water is purified with a fancy shmansy fitering system that extends to the ice as well, there is nothing worse than a glass of good water ruined with the melt from tap water ice! So far its one of my top 3 places to eat in Ghent.

Laine and Alex said...

Thanks for conversatin' with us, Sasha. We love guests who will comment.
So, can we go for the late night and Sunday brunch soon? We'll kill it!

Anonymous said...

Sasha and I found the chicken and hummus wrap about 2 weeks ago and had it 4 times in one week! (Should I be admitting this on the internet??) Needless to say, we were devasted when they took it off the menu because "it wasn't selling." WHAT?! Doesn't our ordering it multiple times in one week count as selling? Anyway, they still made it for us today. It's yummy. The hummus is WAY better than Azars or any other hummus I've ever had actually.
Love this place!
And yeah, we've got to check out the night scene soon!

Laine and Alex said...

I had brunch this past Sunday at Pasha with Nikki and our good friend, Malinda. The brunch menu has many, many choices and everything was phenomenal. We started with the hummus (the best around). Malinda had the chicken salad selection, Nikki had the special of eggs, meats and bread baked together in a hot metal bowl and I selected the three-cheese omelet. We sat in the back 'lounge' area which had nice leather chairs and silk-covered couches. A treat! We sat so long we ordered dessert finally. Walnut-coconut bon bons and the bread pudding. Brunch is served from 9am-3pm and Norfolk needs a few more brunch selections, so this is a huge win for our area.

Laine and Alex said...

Well, I finally made it to Pasha Mezze. These guys do Mediterranean right. I had a red lentil soup that was surprisingly tasty, and a hummus, kale and black bean wrap that was delicious. I have to admit that I can't get too excited about great hummus and filtered water though. I mean, it was good, but it's just some chick peas._Laine