Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Spotted Pig - New York, NY

The Spotted Pig dish Chargrilled Burger with Fries

For three years now, Nikki has been wanting to visit The Spotted Pig in the Village. The first year, we passed it up for a restaurant of my chosing and I have never heard the end of it. Finally, we took the subway to the Village and found it tucked down a residential street. We almost passed it, but I spotted the pig hanging above the doorway. We arrived around 11am, early to ensure we nabbed a seat for brunch. The Pig has a pub atmosphere and a friendly staff, of which there is a lot. We had three waiters in the first few minutes. An eccletic list of songs plays as you dine. We were seated at a small table by the window, good for watching the Village life outside. Nikki had read that the deviled eggs were out of this world, so I insisted on ordering those, even though I also ordered the Frittata with Asparagus & Ricotta (sometimes the asparagus is a subsitute for broccoli rabe). Eggs and more eggs. Nikki ordered the Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese, about which she had heard good things. When I told the waiter I would like a side of homefries, he did warn me that the burger came with fries, but I had no idea he meant a mountain of fries, so I insisted on my $7 side because as Laine and I always say, we are made of money. (Note sarcasm here.) The deviled eggs arrived and you get two for $3, and trust me, these are well worth it. Sundried tomato and parsely top the eggs and the deviled meant that the egg was almost a whipped consistency, very creamy and sinfully good. Nikki has the recipe from a write up in The New York Times and I have already commissioned her to make them soon. Demanded, really. (For Deviled Eggs Recipe, Click HERE.)

When our entrees arrived, my jaw hit the floor. My frittata was a good size and the homefries were fine, but the burger came with a Mount Everest side of shoestrings. Literally, the fries were piled five inches or so up on the plate. I told the waiter he was not kidding when he warned me. My frittata was extrememly tasty and the home fries were very different in a positive light. They were cooked in a reduction type of sauce or glaze. Worth $7? Probably, but I do wish I had listened to the waiter because we had way too much food. Nikki said the burger was good, but Roquefort cheese is very salty and she had slight meal regret and wishes she had tried another brunch item. Next time, of course, because we both enjoyed our time at The Pig and look forward to another meal there. I did not opt for dessert, as we were sure we would see something while walking through the Village. See Magnolia Bakery and prepare for mouth watering. The Spotted Pig dish Asparagus and Ricotta Frittata

There are quite a few brunch items. Eggs cooked a variety of ways, cornbeef hash, oysters, duck egg, French toast and a grilled cheese are a few. In addition to the deviled eggs, you can order chicken liver toast, a pot of pickes and a few other appetizers. The prices are mid-range. The burger was $17 and the frittata was $15, not including the $7 homefries. The Spotted Pig dish Home FriesThe Spotted Pig is well known and you may have a wait if you arrive during prime time, especially during dinner. It is worth the wait though and you can give you name and cell number and the hosts will call you when a table is ready. Tour the West Village while you wait. They have maps! Another plus about the Village is you might run into a familiar face while you are walking around. Many celebrities live in the Village and I would imagine feel more comfortable walking around there than somewhere like Midtown. We saw Alan Rickman on our way to The Pig.


The Spotted Pig is located at 614 W. 11th Street @Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10014. They are open Monday thru Friday for lunch, Saturday and Sunday for brunch and every day for dinner.

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