Monday, January 17, 2011

SoHo Tea & Coffee, Washington, DC

SoHo Tea and Coffee interior
After having a delicious crepe at Crepes-a-Go-Go, I had a craving for some hot specialty drink. I am not one for spending a lot on these types of drinks, but I discovered that I love a chai latte with some flavoring, of course. I have even gone so far to buy all of the ingredients and make chai lattes at home, not something for which I am known. Having this creamy drink in mind, Maryland and I noticed a tea and coffee shop right near Crepes-a-Go-Go on P Street. Putting more money in the meter would avoid ANOTHER parking ticket, which neither of us wanted. SoHo Tea and Coffee is a decent sized shop in Dupont Circle, a nice area of DC with lots to do. I had my sights set on the chai, but the specialty drink menu caught Maryland’s and my eyes immediately. I am not a coffee drinker, but some of the selections, such as the White Chocolate Mocha or Hello Gorgeous Macchiato looked divine, were about to make me one. Always having a keen eye for things that work out perfectly, Maryland saw Sami’s Choo Choo which was a hot chocolate with peanut butter and is described as ‘drinking a peanut butter cup’ on SoHo’s website. Hello, that was us. Of course, the hot chocolate was not enough, so we added a blueberry cheese danish to our order to share. While waiting, we chatted a bit with the staff, who were very friendly and getting a kick out of the building excitement Maryland and I had about the Sami’s Choo Choo (great name too, eh?). If a blueberry cheese danish is not your fancy (what is wrong with you!), other treats included cinnamon buns, oatmeal cookies, some health bars, sandwiches and breakfast items.

We found a table and our drink was ready in minutes. When I say this drink was hot, it was HOT. It was steaming until we reached Alexandria, our next destination, which was a good 25 minutes away! The blueberry cheese danish was homemade and very, very tasty. We love SoHo Tea & Coffee!

The atmosphere was relaxing and looks to be a great place to get some work done or hang out with friends. We were the only souls without computers (all Mac’s mind you) - no surprise there since Maryland and I are some of the last non-SmartPhone creatures on the planet. If our parking meter was not running out, we probably would have stayed, but we had to navigate (without a GPS, of course) ourselves to Alexandria to meet a friend for dinner. Thankfully, Maryland is good with a map.

SoHo Tea & Coffee’s website shows they have a happy hour Monday-Friday 4-7pm (hay!) and other activities like board game night. With good music and funky decor, it is a fun place with treats and drinks that will put anyone in a good mood.


SoHo Tea & Coffee
2150 P. Street, Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20037

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