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219 An American Bistro, Norfolk, VA

Alex and I probably go to 219 once or twice a month and our friend Brianna tags along on most of these trips. 219 is a solid Granby Street restaurant. The food is always good. Always. The prices are very reasonable and their specials are downright deals! Below is pictured what we had today. The quiche was interesting because all the ingredients were layered versus mixed together. I rather liked that. The egg layer was unbelievably smooth and creamy. The bacon was a little bland and I would have liked a bit more, but I can't complain for $6.99. When we were walking into the restaurant a buddy of ours was outside eating the Meatloaf Sandwich. The seed was planted in Brianna's brain and that is what she ordered. (Alex and I helped her with the generous portion of fries). Alex stuck with her lastest favorite twist of the Southwest Caesar Salad. Everyone enjoyed their entrees.
Our server was David. He was quick and did a great job keeping the beverages full. All in all, a great lunch.

219 An American Bistro Dish: Canadian Bacon and Spinach Quiche
Canadian Bacon and Spinach Quiche with fresh fruit - Daily Special $6.99

219 An American Bistro Dish: Meatloaf Sandwich
Meatloaf Sandwich (with tomato sauce on side as requested) with Fries $13.99
This is same price as Lobster roll, but check it out. It is a substantial sammy!

219 An American Bistro Dish: Southwest Caesar with Portobello
Southwest Caesar with Portobello $6.99 for Caesar plus extra for chicken, portobello, etc.


Original Post 7/21/11
Laine told me that one of our friends really likes 219’s Southwestern Caesar Salad ($6.99), so I decided to give it a go this week during lunch.  The restaurant week options did include an appetizer size of the this salad but with nothing in the entree category, I had to order off the regular menu.  One mistake 219 made with their new regular lunch menu was nixing the Asian Noodles with Tofu.  First, I wanted to try that dish and never did.  Second, it was supposed to be a really great entree.  Third, the tofu could be added to any salad or used as a substitute for chicken, shrimp or fish in some of the other items.  I hope they reconsider that change.  Tofu is not complicated to keep, nor is it an expensive item to keep on hand.  Without this as an option, I requested a portabella be added to my salad just to give it a little something.  The $2 up-charge was very fair and beats the time I was charged $3 for fries - I’ll never get over that and 219 never responded to my email after Laine was only charge $1 for a substitute side.  I digress.  This is one of my new favorite things at 219.  The salad is much larger than I expected and while tofu would have been a great addition (hint, hint, 219), the portabella sufficed (a few more slices would have helped).  The roasted red pepper and chipotle dressing makes the dish.  
My friend ordered the Vegetarian Lasagna (around $8.99), a newer menu item that caught my eye recently.  I did not try it, but it was a large portion and looked divine.  It is certainly on my ‘soon to try’ list.  
This was not my idea, I promise, but my friend thought we should order a dessert since he knows I have a sweet tooth.  How could I resist and I had yet to try 219’s Red Velvet Cake ($6.99).  It is a standard piece of cake but they serve it sitting on the icing side.  A little odd, but it does a lot for presentation.  You do need to knock it over, as cake is usually served, to eat.  The whipped cream was homemade, as it should be, and we had no problem finishing this delectable find.  
I was disappointed that 219 did not have a vegetarian restaurant week entree option, as they have some good ones on their regular menu, but I had a great salad and dessert and a nice lunch overall.  Service was stellar and our waitress was right there to refill my iced tea each time I downed a glass (this is a feat on its own).  
~AlexI hit 219 for lunch on Tuesday with my regular Tuesday lunch buddy, Brianna. We go here fairly regularly as it is one of Brianna's Granby Street favorites. I have NEVER seen it as busy as it was Tuesday. They were turning people away. Every table was seated, including out door seating and bar area. The Restaurant Week lunch menu completely unimpressed me. Roast Beef Sandwich or Chicken Salad Sandwich....YAWN. Blackened Fish? I am not a fan of anything burnt. However, the specials peaked my interest, and I ordered the Fish Tacos with Black Beans and Rice. Brianna ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger, selecting American Cheese. Moments later the waitress returned to let her know they were out of American Cheese. Out of American Cheese, well that is just un-American! What is it with restaurants running out of food!? She opted for provolone in its place, and we got on with our gab-fest while we waited for our orders.
219 An American Bistro Dish: Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos with Black Beans and Rick
219 An American Bistro Dish: Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon Cheese Burger
I anticipated a wait due to the crowd, but our meals came out very quickly. The Fish Tacos hit the spot, and Brianna enjoyed her Burger too. Here's the best part. The total on my check was $7.79. Yes, that's correct. The special was $6.99 and included my beverage. Considering the crowd, our waitress Grace did a phenomenal job keeping drinks topped off, delivering requests to the table and handling the check. All in all, a very nice lunch.

219 An American Bistro
219 Granby Street

Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 416-6219
Open Mon-Thu 11am-10pm; Fri 11am-11pm; Sat 5pm-11pm

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