Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crackers, Norfolk, VA

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I try to remember great restaurants that are off my beaten path, but I, like many others, overlook great, hidden places far too often.  Crackers is one of those and I was lucky enough to head there recently - it has definitely been too long since I dined at the ‘new’ location on Granby Street.  Larger than its previous space, but still small in restaurant scale and intimate, Crackers has a very soothing atmosphere.  You almost feel like you are dining alone, even with other patrons nearby.  

We arrived and were told to sit wherever we wanted, so we chose a table in the corner - those are the best spots.  We perused the specials and decided to start with the Wakame and Cucumbers ($5) and the special Red Potato Fries with a dijon aioli ($5).  Aioli is still this year’s pink, which is fine with me, I love the stuff.  The Wakame was great, but we decided the fries won this round because of originality.  The aioli made the dish, of course.  Next up were the Falafel Fritters with a honey romesco ($5) and the asparagus ($5).  The latter is one of my favorites but again with this round, we decided the falafel was the champion due to its uniqueness.  This falafel was mild in comparison to some of the more garlic-induced versions Laine and I have had (oh Kebab Shack, how we miss you), but I enjoyed it regardless.  One more small item for us, the Black Bean Cake with lime cream and salsa, and we completed the savory course.  I really enjoyed this and it would make a great entree.  Crackers will make most any item a full meal for $10, which includes bread and a house salad.  I have yet to try this because I cannot prevent myself from ordering the variety that tapas offers.  Maybe one day.  

On to the sweet course, we decided we had to have the S’mores.  Crackers’ s’mores are tasty but more importantly, they are fun.  A mini grill on a wooden platter, containing graham crackers, a Hershey chocolate bar and large marshmallows, arrived and we were immediately ten years old again about to build our treats.  The best part was, we were seated in a nice restaurant and not outside in the elements (read: no camping, ever).  I have never actually roasted s’mores outside and am not going to start now.  Crackers’ version is just fine with me.

Tapas is great because you can share and if you are not looking for a huge meal, you can enjoy a lot of different tastes without paying the health price.  Something to note, all locations have Monday night wine specials and Wednesday night canned beer specials.  

Our server was attentive but not intrusive and I really, really enjoyed dinner.  I have yet to try Virginia Beach’s Pacifica, which is a sister restaurant of Crackers, as are Empire In downtown Norfolk and Six in Hampton.  I have always had great meals at Empire.  I only wish they were open during lunch so Laine and I could get over there. 


4226 Granby Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23504

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