Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Laine's Best and Worst of 2009

Alex and I reviewed the good, bad and ugly this year. Here are my top picks and punts.

Top Five

Steinhilbers- Best Fine Dining
With one more reservation scheduled in December, this has become my go to restaurant when celebrating with family and friends. The food and service are top notch, and the atmosphere is relaxed enough to support coat and tie or jeans if you choose. Steiny’s has replaced the Town Point Club for me this year. Hmm….

Café Claude- Best Out of Town
Café Claude does it right with an interesting menu, nice wines, excellent food preparation and attentive service. It is almost reason enough to go to San Francisco!

Shiki Sushi and Hibachi- Best Weekly Haunt
I wasn’t kidding when I said we order from here (or occasionally dine in) almost every Friday. With 40+ orders in just this year, I can attest to their consistency in all areas. This is how sushi should be.

No Frill - Best Lunch
I will never say no to No Frill. The food is always great, it is always busy, and you always seem to run into someone you know there…at least Alex does. It is a Norfolk dining staple, and rightly so.

Press 626 - Best New Find
I’m going to have to try this place for dinner and sample more of their fares. I liked what I saw on my first visit and hope to cozy up to a nice glass of wine there in the very near future.

Bottom Five

Kincaid’s Fish, Chop & Steak House – Worst Hope
I want to like them. I really, really do. I keep going back and giving them just “one more” try, only to have some nuance of the meal let me down. I’m sure this will happen again in 2010.

La Briciola - Worst Out of Town
Recommended to go there and then ignored by waiter. Sad.

Nawab Indian Cuisine – Worst Service
He beat out La Briciola because I had to chase him down. At least the waiter at La Briciola didn’t run away from me.

The Green Onion- Most Overrated
Nothing impressed me nor interested me enough to ever want to return.

Baker’s Crust Ghent – Best at Ticking off Alex
Nuff said.

I am looking forward to many more outings with Alex in 2010. Thanks for reading about our adventures and reviews this year and commenting when you could. We love our readers!

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