Friday, April 20, 2012

Outer Banks Brewing Station - Kill Devil Hills, NC

Outer Banks Brewing Station ExteriorAccording to their website, “The Outer Banks Brewing Station is the first wind powered brewery in the United States! We were also the first business to produce wind power on the Outer Banks. We pride ourselves in being innovative and conscious about the environment, while helping others learn as much as they can about renewable energy and sustainability.” Okay, that is great, but how is your food?

Spring break found me down at the OBX for an overnight with my family. Arriving right around lunchtime, we headed for a familiar spot we had been before and liked: The Outer Banks Brewing Station. The restaurant interior is dark. The decor doesn’t appear to be overly thought out. My daughter found it hilarious that rugs were hung up high on the walls, right next to the disco ball. The women’s restroom doesn’t say “Ladies” or other iterations on the door; it simply has a Wonder Woman Doll. This always makes me smile. Everything has the look, feel and smell of a bar, but what else would you expect? Live bands play most nights and the restaurant morphs. The real eye catcher is the brewery, of course. Through large windows you can see the all the inner working of the process. Occasionally you will see someone walk through doing whatever task is needed at all the different stages of brewing. I am not a beer drinker these days; however they also offer non-alcoholic home brews of Ginger Ale, Root Beer and Cream Soda. My husband tried one of the hearty beers and I sampled the Root Beer. Hands down, the best Root Beer I have ever had!

Outer Banks Brewing Station dish: Kid's Cheese Pizza
Outer Banks Brewing Station dish: BarbecueWe were the first customers of the afternoon, followed by one or two other tables during our stay. The service was brisk and friendly. I think they have a great kids menu, which even includes a kid’s steak. My daughter ordered a kid pizza (typical). The crust on their pizza is really more of a whole grain flatbread, with cheese topping and very light sauce. Not at all a typical kid’s pizza, but she devoured it. It was so large we had to take leftovers home. Leftover packaging is recyclable and compostable. Nice! I ordered a Caesar Salad with grilled Salmon. It was perfect. Sometimes Salmon gets overcooked at restaurants, but this one was just right. My husband ordered the Barbecue. When it hit the table I knew I had been out-ordered. I am a hush puppy lover, and had to steal one from his plate to sample. They were tasty and sweet. The cornmeal was a light flavor that came though subtly versus overpowering other flavors.

Outer Banks Brewing Station dish: Caesar Salad with Grilled SalmonAs Alex has mentioned several times, there is a lot of mediocre to bad food at the Outer Banks. This seems to happen in most resort/vacation type cities. Over the years I have found the Outer Banks Brewing Station to consistently serve good meals and good service along with their tasty brews. That they are making a concerted effort to be innovative and conscious about the environment is a great added bonus. Because, let’s face it, if the food is bad, no one is going to eat there regardless of your environmental efforts. The restaurant is conveniently located close to the Wright Brothers Memorial. If you are there with your family, I recommend this as a nice lunch place for all.


Outer Banks Brewing Station
600 South Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Open 7 days a week! Mon – Sun at 11:30 am, Brunch on Sun til 4 pm

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