Thursday, July 21, 2011

Costa Azul - Hanbury Commons, Chesapeake, VA

Costa Azul exterior

Last Saturday the family had a hankering for Mexican, so we piled in the car and headed to our usual, El Parian. It was gone, as in, no longer there, completely empty. Wow, had it been that long since we had Mexican. We loved that place. Were did our buddies go? Not one to mope for long, we redirected our efforts to nearby Hanbury to try out a restaurant I spotted near Skinny Dip, The Costa Azul.

The place was virtually empty at 12:30 on a Saturday. It was incredibly beautiful outside, so perhaps everyone was at the beach or similarly enjoying the day? The interior was pretty typical Mexican Restaurant, but not overdone and the music was on a low level. Thank you.
Costa Azul Guacamole

No surprises on the menu. I ordered Chicken Fajitas, my husband got the Burrito lunch, and my daughter got the Burrito and Cheese Quesadilla kids meal ( a radical change from her former #4 Kids meal... Cheese Quesadilla). We noshed on the warm chips with salsa and ordered a side of guacamole. The guac was good. I like a chunky mix and this had some nice sized pieces of avocado in the dip. Lightly seasoned and easy on the heat, I liked it. The table salsa had a kick to it, which placed it off limits to my daughter and me. As happens in every restaurant as soon as the food is delivered, we had to visit the ladies room. It was plain white paint and clean. Another positive. 

Costa Azul Guacamole Kid's Burrito and Cheese Quesadilla
Kids Meal - Burrito and Cheese Quesadilla

Costa Azul Burrito and Taco Lunch
Burrito and Taco Lunch
The food was good. Not crazy outstanding, best I ever had, but good. Portions were reasonable, and Items were not drowned in cheese or sauces. Flavoring was mostly mild. I would have liked a little more seasoning on the fajitas. The service was brisk ( there was only one other table), but not overly friendly. I can live with that. Keep my drink full, bring my food fast, clear away the dirty dishes appropriately, don’t keep me waiting on the check and I am pretty happy. I don’t need to make new friends everywhere I go. 
(Located directly off the 158 bypass at the Hanbury Road exit, this would be a safe place to stop in for a quick bite if you are a weary traveler headed to or from the Outer Banks.)

Costa Azul Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas

Costa Azul
237 Hanbury Rd E # 8
Chesapeake, VA 23322-6621
(757) 482-2104
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