Sunday, July 10, 2011

HK on the Bay, Virginia Beach, VA

After another glorious beach day, our group left the North End and headed to HK on the Bay for a bite to eat. Two friends were in from Richmond, so we tried to find something that was not completely out of the way for them (Ghent was out). When we first arrived, we found ourselves sitting outside. This did not seem like an issue at first, but after being on the beach for five hours or so, we craved air conditioning. Mel* took the reigns and got us a table, which had just emptied, inside. Phew, AC and I did not have to be the bully for once!

I have been to Hell's Kitchen in Norfolk a few times, but it has never wowed me. Their vegetable platter is decent and last time, I tried their vegan stuffed peppers. All fine, but I am never rushing to return. The HK on the Bay menu is similar, but they do not have the vegan items, so I was left with the vegetable platter, the vegetarian fajitas (ho-hum), or trying to vegetarianize another item. I did not see the pizzas that the HK in Norfolk has on the menu. I would have ordered their white pizza if given the option. I asked our waitress if the nachos or the quesadilla without meat was an option and she said yes, but she pushed the quesadilla as the better choice. I added a side of their fries after others in the group said how good they were. Three others ordered the fish tacos, Mel's beau ordered the seafood nachos and a fellow vegetarian asked them to make a grilled cheese for her. My quesadilla was good and I think they threw in some extra vegetables, which can make or break something like this. The fries were decent, if a little salty and were actually potato wedges. The nachos were huge and had she-crab soup poured over them - that's a new one. The grilled cheese was also gussied up, which surprised us all.

Service was good - we were dying of thirst and ran the server ragged with the need for water, but she did not seem to mind. HK on the Bay's bar was busy and all of the tables stayed filled while we were present, so it is a happening place. My meal was fine, but I still look at HK and HK on the Bay as bars. Bar food serves its purpose, as it did this day, but I would probably not put them on my regular schedule. How many quesadillas can one eat?


HK on the Bay
4600 Lookout Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
HK on the Bay on Urbanspoon

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