Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nordstrom Cafe, Norfolk, VA

Laine and I were so excited to see Nordstrom on the Norfolk Restaurant Week list, but when we finally got over there this week, neither of us ordered off that menu and instead went with some of our usual choices. I would have ordered for the soup and a salad but there was only one salad choice for the entree portion, the Strawberry Chicken Salad and while I thought about asking for more nuts and sans chicken, I gave up and went with the Blue Cheese and Pear Salad, which is always solid. My Blue Cheese and Pear was a little light on the ‘stuff’, the candied nuts and the blue cheese, but I gave our salad gal a pass, since I think she was having a bad day. She was not as chipper as she usually is, but restaurant week was most likely wearing on her. Those people would wear on my nerves too! Laine and I decided to split the Red Velvet Bundt Cake and I had to have the chocolate drizzle on the side. The cake was good, if a little dry, but the icing was out of this world. I hope Nordstrom keeps that little treat on their dessert menu for a while.
Back to restaurant week options, any soup and salad of your choice would have been a better route for Nordstrom to take, rather than limiting it. The salads are all close in price, as are the soups. Everyone would have won, especially Laine and myself!
I liked the looks of dinner options with the Rustic Vegetable Dinner as an entree, but much to my chagrin, that was not available until 4pm. Another comment from L&A’s always full suggestion box: why not offer the $12 lunch options AND the $20 dinner options for restaurant week? Nordstrom has the same menu all day, so it is not extra effort or preparation. We are always, always full of good ideas. We will even give them out without anyone asking!

I was glad Nordstrom participated in Downtown Norfolk Restaurant Week and maybe they will read our review before the next one.


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