Friday, August 21, 2009

Mahi Mah's Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Saloon - Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach

Thinking about going to Mahi Mah's for sushi this weekend? You might want to reconsider... I rarely go to the oceanfront during the summer because, well, it's a zoo, parking is a mess, etc., and etc. However, when I am feeling brave enough to give it a try, Mahi Mah's has been one of my favorites for years. They've got the view, a nice bar area, great location next to a boardwalk stage and ...good sushi! However a recent Restaurant inspection may have me changing my mind.
I'll be the first to admit that my kitchen would fail a white glove test miserably, and probably a health inspection too. Mahi Mah's had four critical health violations, one of which relates directly to handling of raw food (my sushi!) and the other the handling of oysters (another favorite!). I really wish I had not read this. I guess I should have realized that any place calling itself a "Sushi Saloon" was too good to be true. Ignorance is bliss!


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Thanks for the head's up!