Thursday, August 13, 2009

Passion The Restaurant-Volvo Pkwy, Chesapeake

Every time I drive past Passion it reminds me that I really want to try it out. I have heard some good things about it, and recently read a good review on another local restaurant review blog. I am friends with a couple whom I consider a reliable restaurant resource because they eat out pretty frequently and have great taste. (They are friends with me after all!) I hit them up to see if they had tried out Passion and find out if liked it. Wow...not only did they NOT like it, they had a plethora of complaints about everything from slow service, iffy side dishes and no wine refills to owners who were on the planet clueless. One of these buddies, who goes by the alter-ego "Pdan",was so blown away by the experience they felt compelled to write a review about it on Here it is...

July 31, 2009 - Doesn't like it - We had heard good things about Passion, thrilled to have a fine dining establishment in our neighborhood. We came away very disappointed...The owners while present in the room, made no attempt to engage with their customers...our waitress received no help in busing our table...we sat forever with dirty app. dishes on the table. Missed opportunity to sell more one offered another drink. Our meal was inconsistent..."She Crab Soup" very good,....the Shrimp in the Shrimp and Grits had a not so fresh taste and smell...The Rack of Lamb good, the rest of the plate not so much. I enjoyed the Fillet. All in all the restaurant is lacking amazingly what it's name suggests PASSION especially from the sad...won't be back. We will travel to other favorites where we feel appreciated...Terrapin, Manninos and Town Pointe Club.

My goodness. This is a bad one isn't it! Now more that ever I feel the need to try this place out. It's kind of like a really bad movie. Everyone keeps telling you how horrendously horrible it is, which only makes you all the more curious to see it for yourself! Additionally, in all fairness to the restaurant staff and owners, I need to experience it myself before I pass judgement. Has anyone else out there tried Passion? Let us know!


Passion The Restaurant is located in the Shoppes at Greenbrier
1036 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320

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Michele said...

You know how I feel. I suggest you try it. Your friend is absolutely right about the service and the refills (I mentioned both in my review), but it wasn't so bad that I would never go back.

Anonymous said...

I have had the chance to dine at Passion a few times. I think the service is good and the food GREAT. I can't tell if your being too critical or just uninformed. Just go try it for yourself. It's a Great addition to the few fine dining restaurants we have in Chesapeake.

Anonymous said...

Dont waste your time or money now I know that some would say that im just a pissed former creater of Passion who doesnt create there anymore, truth be told the owner is cluelesss about the Biz some of the food is just my food reworked and from what I read not very well! The pictures you see on ther website at the top in realplayer form was my food and I know for a fact it doesnt look taste or is it even sourced from the hard working farmers from who I purchased my food from. It could have been a GREAT PLACE but sadly its just a pretender in a world that already has enough of those.
Just look at the archives before Jan of this year and see what the buzz was. Cooking classes me, real wine dinners me, CHEFS TABLE Me if you did a tasting menu now be prepared to get canned peaches as thats the kind of place it is now so do yourself a favor a keep on driving right on by.

Anonymous said...

WoW!!! If your the former Chef, Why did they get rid of you if you were as great as you say you are?

Anonymous said...

RE:wow if you could read what has already written and not by me the owners are clueless anyhting else check the website under press and read how great it was

Anonymous said... can you negatively blog about a restaurant you've never been to? And how reliable is your "pdan" friend who only has 1 review on urban spoon?

As for the former chefs comments....another wow. What a nutjob. We ate there while you were the chef and the food was not even close to what it is now. Also, when you came over to talk to my husband and myself, frankly, you came off as an arrogant, cocky jerk. The owner seemed to be really nice on the other hand. Maybe you should stop running around the internet creating aliases to slander Passion.

I love Passion's food. The service is getting much better as well and I recommend trying it!

Laine and Alex said...

I LOVE the comments on this place. People are really Passionate about Passion! This last anonymous comment is right, I do need to try it out. My husband won't go as numerous (more that just pdan, who is a good friend of mine) people he works with have tried it and given bad reviews. On more that two occasions groups from his business have dined there with disastrous results. I will grab one of by buddies soon and see what all the fuss is about! I hope I like it. It is a great location for me, and I love great food!